Online Crypto Password Manager

Online Crypto Passwords is a secure online password manager. All the encryption and decryption operations are done within your browser using your master password. You are not required to disclose your master password to anyone, including the server(s) where Online Crypto is hosted. Online Crypto uses Google accounts for authentication and Google server(s) and infrastructure for hosting your encrypted data. Neither Online Crypto or Google are able to view your data because neither of them have access to your master password.


Q: What happens if I forget my master password?
A: All your data stored using that password will be lost forever.

Q: What kind of encryption does onlinecrypto use?
A: onlinecrypto uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This encryption is performed completely within your browser.

Q: How does onlinecrypto convert my master password into an AES encryption key?
A: onlinecrypto uses AES itself to encrypt password to get the cipher key (using plain password as source for key expansion). This gives you a well encrypted key.

Q: What block cipher mode of operation is used by onlinecrypto?
A: onlinecrypto uses AES in Counter mode of operation. See

Q: Isn't Javascript insecure?
A: It is true that an installed program can be made more secure than a browser-based JavaScript program. However, JavaScript code has the advantage that it can be read and verified before it is run. Also, the new generation of browsers (e.g. IE 7.0 or later, Firefox 2.0 or later and Google Chrome) are more secure platforms for running code.

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