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iPhone iPad FAQs

Where is my data stored?
Your data is stored securely in your device. If you use synchronization feature your data is also stored on the cloud at Google App Engine. Read more about Google App Engine at

How is my data encrypted?
OnlineCrypto uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt your data.

How can I access my passwords from the Internet?
To access your passwords navigate to

What happens to my passwords if i lose my iPhone/iPad?
If you lose your device and you're not using synchronization your passwords are lost as well. If you use synchronization then you have the option to recover passwords from or from any other device syncronized with your account.

What is self destruct?
This feature will destroy all the passwords stored in the device after 20 consecutive unsuccessful login attempts.

Why do I need synchronization?
If you enable synchronization (1) your passwords are synced between all your devices, (2) your data is backed up in cloud and (3) you can access your passwords online from any browser at

Can I use the same subscription on my iPhone and iPad?
Yes, you can use the same subscription on all your devices. Subscription information is saved with your account in the cloud. During synchronization setup the app will automatically recognize and activate an existing subscription for your account.

Can I renew my subscription before expiration date?
Yes, you can extend your subscription at any time before expiration date. One full year is added to the end of your existing subscription regardless of when you renew.

Will synchronization work if I use different passwords on different devices?
Yes, you can choose to have different password and/or login patterns on different devices. This does not affect the synchronization of data between your devices.

When is my data synchronized?
Sync is initiated after each successful login. To initiate a manual synchronization go to: Settings => Last Sync => Refresh button.

How can I check if my data in-sync with the cloud?
To check the date and time of your last synchronization go to: Settings => Last Sync.

Why do I need a Google account?
OnlineCrypto uses Google account to authenticate users. To create a new Google Account please visit

Can I use the app without synchronization?
Yes, you can use the app for free (and ad free) without any restriction. To use the synchronization feature you'll need a yearly subscription.

How can I import/export my passwords?
These features are only available online at Click settings on the upper right corner of the screen and click on the import/export button.

What if my question is not on this list?
You can contact us with any question at

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